Time & attendance software offers a basic method to collect information on things like attendance, wages, and time-keeping. It is a more advanced version of clock cards and eradicates all the errors that come with human calculations.

This software can also produce information that clock cards are unable to produce. Using the time and attendance software you can easily create things like accrual balances or accounts information in just a few clicks.

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Time and attendance software also has other advantages over a paper/card system. A card system will give you the most basic of information but cannot automatically produce data on things like how many people had days off in the first three months of the year or how many people worked overtime last month.

The HR manager spends a considerable amount of time calculating the amount of work a person has done, the number of hours he has worked and the amount he is owed. This information is produced quickly by the time and attendance software, saving the need for the HR manager to waste time and work everything out manually.

A small business might be able to manage with a paper system but the time and attendance software can make a critical difference in reducing costs and saving valuable time.

If employee productivity is an issue, then it is important to invest in a time and attendance system. This system will quickly and efficiently allow you to view the time management of each individual employee. It will show you which employees arrive to work late on a regular basis and which employees leave early.

It will allow you to find out which employees are taking extended breaks and who is not putting in the required hours. Once the system picks up on the problem, then it makes it easier for the employer to take necessary action and ensure the problem does not occur again.