An injury to the tooth, a gum disease, a deep cavity, or a broken tooth, all may be the source of disease in the inner portions of a tooth. Internal damage to a tooth may even induce tooth-fall unless it's treated in time.

Root canal treatment in Los Angeles is one such procedure that's done to free a tooth from the clutches of infection and grant it a new lease of life. It is preferable to consult a dentist for top-rated root canal therapy in LA.

A tooth can be broken into several pieces. The outermost part or the surface of the tooth is called a crown, which is visible from the exterior. This component is responsible for chewing food and is made of enamel. Then there's dentin, which is under the surface of a tooth and which contains essential nerves and cells.

The deepest aspect of the tooth comprises roots that are its lifelines. Within the dentin, there's a room that stores dental pulp, which is responsible for the nutrition of teeth. This pulp is sensitive in nature and can easily get infected if there's a cavity or a fracture which may lead germs to it.

In case of the disease reaching the pulp, its corrosion process begins rapidly and may cause problems like swelling at the gums and pain while chewing.

The pulp chamber has nerve tissue that when decayed, enhances the sensitivity of the tooth towards cold and hot objects. So in the event that you feel a pinch when drinking cold water, then you need to consult the dentist in Los Angeles immediately because it could be a case for a root canal.