Roof trusses are applied in several applications like new structures or put in on enhancements. Roof trusses may save as much as 25 percent in construction time and labor expenses. With the very best equipment in the commercial, you could rest certain that your trusses are likely to be built, engineered, and assembled right initially.

Lots of new industrial structures and multi-home residential projects require custom-made, advanced roof techniques. Our design group will continue to work alongside you to fulfill your requirements. You can have Trusses Experts in Newcastle, NSW according to your home style.


Roof trusses would be the most frequently used kind of roof framing while in Australia today. Several of the benefits are:

  • A versatile, functional, and totally designed solution for your roof requirements.

  • Prefabricated trusses consume 40 percent less timber than the traditionally shaped roofing.

  • Reduced labor prices on-site

  • Quick erection of the roofing construction.

  • Saves area onsite for additional construction tasks

Roof trusses are applied in several applications like conventional roofs such as flats, houses, multi-dwelling residential improvements, and industrial buildings. There are several, world leaders that use an amazing roofing truss technology, our roofs are manufactured using SABS grade treated SA Pine (Structural Timber).

Thus there are several companies in Australia that offer you a wide range of professional and well-equipped staff that help you in building your dream home. Get the best .roof truss manufacturers in Australia according to your design of the home which you have in mind to build.