Before we settled on our present home we looked at approximately twenty homes. We fell in love with each part of the home. 

The beautiful French doors, the sliding glass doors in the kitchen and living area, two-car garage, new roof, new windows, and water heater which has been only a couple of years old. The only problem was that even though the roof was brand new, there was a leak in my son's room. Meanwhile, you can get to know about roof leak repairs in Melbourne via

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We had no idea where it could be coming from. The roof was brand new, the sheathing beneath was attached correctly and also the shingles around the region were perfectly placed. How was the water leaking in and destroying the ceiling to his bedroom?

I knew from analyzing the roof it wasn't coming via the shingles. The place around where it leaked into the room was perfectly shingled. Since I knew with a new roof there wasn't any chance of a shingle which had escalated the following step was to test the flashing.

If I could see where it had been leaking in the next rain, I went up to find out. I found a tiny beam of light near the peak of the roof in which the port was. I could see the water coming in and draining down the truss right into the drywall that covered my son’s ceiling.

Discovering the origin of the roof leak was just half the struggle repairing it was another. I determined that the problem was relatively small by fixing it by myself. I went outside to buy a tar caulk. After letting the roof dry from the previous night's rain I went on top of the roof and tarred around the vent and flashing. 

I then went inside to the attic and caulked the area where it was coming in. That sealed the roof leak and so far the fix has lasted three years.