Sustainability training is a prepared (structured and planned) activity aimed at understanding and gathering positive thoughts and experiences in stressful and difficult simulated situations.

This is achieved by training our attention to focus on certain aspects of the challenge, as well as recognizing and using our unique strengths to overcome those challenges. You can also get the best resilience coaching via

Building resilience

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With people constantly working remotely, it's impossible to truly take a break from work. Emails, text messages, and calls come in at any time and the line between work and home becomes blurred or disappears altogether.

Combined with managing a global pandemic as well as personal challenges such as children attending distance learning or sick family members, employees are at greater risk of burnout than ever before.

Sustainability is the process of adapting well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threat, or a significant source of stress. “American Psychological Association.

The concept of sustainability emerged from research characterizing those who successfully adapt to potentially life-changing events or stressors; great days in life. 

Studies and testimony by lawyers emphasize high workloads, high billing goals, pressing deadlines, external or internal (political) pressures, a "my day" culture, and a multi-level employee value system.

These stresses, which require resilience, are not usually the result of one-time, uncontrollable, significant (or in some cases) life-threatening events. Sustainability (training) of employees has become a necessity to face and adapt to everyday life. Many companies offer online sustainability training with comprehensive programs taught by experts.