Do you want a full holiday for outdoor adventure or a relaxing holiday sampling gourmet, cuisine and wines? There is something for everyone and, there's no better way to explore this diverse country motor home hire.

With several tourist destinations within a few hours of each other and the network is well-maintained roads and highways, renting a motor home or camper van provides travelers the freedom and flexibility to experience all the sites and attractions while enjoying all the comforts of a home on wheels.

With many companies that specialize in renting a motor home, it's helpful to compare prices and availability on the Internet. If you are looking for rental camper then you can browse various online sources.

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Rates tend to be higher during the months of December to February, and the best deals to be had from May to September. Reputation leasing company offers comprehensive insurance, 24-hour customer service, and roadside assistance.

Other features that are also often offered when renting a camper van including schedule planning, linens, kitchen utensils, unlimited mileage, airport pickup, help ferry reservations, and luggage storage. Campground facilities are generally very well maintained and comfortable, and oftentimes, the location is beautiful.

Along with BBQ, kitchen facilities, toilet, and shower, most campgrounds have a laundry room and a playground. It's always a good idea to reserve space at a campground before arrival, especially during the peak summer season.

Although most of the motor home and camper van has a shower and toilet on board, it is illegal to waste disposal has to be something other than an approved dump station. Keeping a clean and green your country. If you throw garbage anywhere else it will end up outside the pure water channel.

Beachside Driving

No vehicles will be allowed to drive in seawater at the beach. The company hired will inspect the vehicle when you come back, and if there are signs of driving under the sea, they will know that you have done. If you have driven in seawater, they will slug you with any fees that they can think of. It is mainly enforced on Fraser Island.

Do not drive in seawater if you want to return your bond. If you want to rent your caravan then you can explore various online sources.

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Expense One Way

If you want to complete your campervan hire at a different location from where you came from (i.e. returns Vehicle different to the depot of the pickup), there is likely to be a one-way fee will apply. If you find a company does not charge one way, then you've got a good deal and you have to accept it. For example, Sydney to Cairns, or vice versa, is the most popular one by the way.

What Should Come With Campervan?

Almost all campervans for hire will come with 2 batteries "home" to run the lights, refrigerators and other 12v devices so you will not drain the vehicle's engine battery. This may be explained to you when you take your vehicle, but if the campervan you do not come with a battery of "home", but running light vans and other things on the battery, then you have to refuse to take it out of the vehicle.

It will only take a few hours of running these things to possibly flatten the battery and you could be stranded in the middle of nowhere.