Childhood trauma in and of itself is often misunderstood and misrepresented. This is usually due to trauma associated with violent words. The fact is that this is not always true. Trauma can come in many forms and is determined both by the intensity of the threat of weakness and vulnerability of the defense. You can get online trauma counseling at

Lack of capacity to understand often means that they are prone to adult situations will be easy to handle. Often the wounds we suffered in childhood often still with us in adulthood and lead to a state of learned helplessness. 

Learned helplessness creates emotional dysfunction and leads to confusion and inhibited creativity. It is characterized by self-sabotage and frustration and can lead to depression and despair. The normal human journey is that we grow from childhood to adulthood is full and as we grow we mature physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Trauma - how EMDR helps - Family Christian Counseling

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This maturation process allows us to live with his creative power, but if we are not emotionally mature then we are living in the emotional reaction of the frightened child. It is a condition that is learned helplessness and the recovery from it requires that you heal the wounds of the remainder of the original trauma.

Trauma is an experience that interferes with the child a sense of security and insecurity if this is done until adulthood, it leads to a lot of emotional pain. Problems with childhood responses are that they have worked very well in accordance with the limited understanding of the frightened child, but now that you've grown up this response has become a liability and not solve problems now extend their trauma. They both cause and consequence of it.