Before you click “add to cart” on the styles you’re eyeing, you’ll need to gather some relevant information. You may need to make a quick call to your optician, but rounding up your prescription and measuring your pupillary distance shouldn’t take too long.

1. Your prescription information

To buy glasses online with a prescription, you must provide a copy of the prescription information. There are many companies available that provide prescription lense online. The PSVR prescription lenses is one of the best lenses to buy for your eyes protection.

2. The distance between your pupils

In addition to your prescription information, you will need to know the pupillary distance (PD). This number measures the distance between the center of one student and the center of your other student. Your PD helps ensure that the frames of your glasses are centered on your eyes, which is useful for fit and function as it ensures that the prescription is in the right place on the lenses.

3. Your preference for lens thickness

Most online eyeglass retailers offer a variety of prescription index options that you can use to adjust the thickness of your lenses. The higher the prescription index, the thinner the lens.

Determine your frame size

Choosing the right frame size helps ensure the glasses fit and feel comfortable on your face. Some of the basic measurements you'll need to include:

Lens Width: This is the length in millimeters of the horizontal distance through the center of the lens. The width of the lens helps determine how large your face frame is.

Bridge Width: This is the length in millimeters of the horizontal distance across the part of your nose. The width of the bridge plays a role in positioning the glasses on the nose, regardless of whether the frame has nose pads or not.