Low back pain, which is most common in middle age and young adulthood between the ages 25 and 55, is the most prevalent type of pain that people can experience. Lower back pain will affect 80% of people in their lives. It is important to know what activities can prolong or exacerbate lower back pain and what you should expect when you go to physical therapy.

One of the treatments that treats pain-causing conditions is physical therapy. This is an effective treatment option for many conditions. 

lower back physical therapy

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Passive Therapy

There are many types of Physical Therapy. Passive therapy is used to reduce pain. These therapies are also called passive therapy, as they are not administered to patients.

* Iontophoresis with heat packs or ice

* TENS units

Active Therapy

To rehabilitate the spine, active therapy is required in addition to passive therapies. The following combinations are common for a back exercise program:

* Stretching

* Strengthening

Lower back pain physiotherapy has many benefits. This will speed up the healing process and provide pain relief. It is important to continue treatment for several days in order to achieve the best results.

People who suffer from low back pain are also treated with physical therapy. They are unable to perform normal activities. A combination program that combines physical therapy and exercise can be helpful for these patients. This program can help to stretch muscles and restore normal function.