Engine remanufacturing is an exact science among many engineering factors. The technology has evolved as motors are becoming more sophisticated. Over the last several years fuel scarcity efficiency and emissions management have shifted how diesel engines are built and thus rebuilt.

Often, less fuel-efficient versions are followed by older ones, currently being updated for improved functionality. The motor is usually stronger than the day it initially by pro spot products.

Traditionally when automotive motors are neglected, they are simply taken out of the structure, and since the remanufacturing technique can be prohibitive for the customer about replacing the motor. Good welding is more powerful than cold stick welding since the entire welding surface is exposed to heat, thus there is no fear of weakening the fixed crack.


Ford's new hugging process is known as plasma transferable wire arc coat technologies. Unlike traditional plasma arc welding processes, the latest technology employs a spray on the interior of a busted or distressed engine block that is molecularly bonded to the metal formation.

Typically, re-construction of a block demands iron cast components, custom made welding, and complex machining processes. The cathode is heated through the arc of this cable and the mixture of the two gases is ejected through one.