There are many places in London to explore. The following are the places you can visit in London.

Royal Botanic Gardens

If you are tired of dealing with the bustle of London and concrete buildings, visit the beautiful Kew Garden, also known as the Royal Botanic Gardens. The park has a very diverse collection of living plants and research centers that are known throughout the world.

Beautiful glass buildings such as palm tree houses and rainforests will soothe your eyes. Another large crowd is the Waterlily House with beautiful large lilies. Treetop Trail is something that all visitors like.

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Equally charming is the Kew Palace, which is a summer residence, none other than King George III. There are plenty of cafes in the park to satisfy hunger, and picnics are also allowed. It remains open on all days when Christmas is prohibited.

3rd Buckingham Place

Your London tour remains unfinished if you don't visit the legendary Buckingham Palace in central London. The official residence of the Queen of England was founded in 1761 by King George III.

Mammoth Palace, which has been renovated several times, has 774 rooms and several royal events take place every year. It remains open to the public from July to September and on certain days from December to April.

The main attractions in the royal palace include the throne room, 19 heavily decorated country rooms, large stairs, and special exhibits that change every year.