Playground equipment can be classified according to use: indoor, outdoor or commercial; according to age groups: infants, toddlers, preschoolers and older; according to size: a single unit or multi-unit; materials used: metal or wood; according to special requirements such as disabled; according to the number of children who may use the equipment at the same time.

Playground equipment has become very innovative, which is designed to look like a forest, and the forest will be all the works of nature such as lakes, trees, caves, waterfalls and treehouses, palaces, castles, barns, planes, ships, trains, cars, and shapes other interesting-shape. Rubber turf for the playground is also a good option.


There are also several manufacturers that provide special play equipment for children with disabilities. It is provided with special features such as wheelchair ramps and transfer station that not only helps children to develop physically but also bring a smile on their face.

Many manufacturers will custom design equipment to meet their unique needs, site, age groups, and budgets. They create innovative, affordable, and functional and exciting products to suit all types of needs play.

Things to consider when ordering playground equipment are the price, the booking form, shipping details, assembly instructions, and post-sales service.

The Internet is an excellent source for finding comprehensive information about playground equipment. There are several sites of manufacturers that will help you to find the best equipment and also to compare prices.