Charging your phone is an integral part of everyday life. It is the same as brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. It’s easy to forget to charge your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch after a long day. This can cause a lot of problems. Hence to get rid of this problem, you can go for the convenient powerful invisible wireless charger for sale from Kew Labs.

Although you may have a power bank with you to charge your phone, tablet, or smartwatch at all times, what if it was just as easy as placing your device in the right place and picking it up again when you are ready? Wireless charging is possible.

Induction stoves allow you to heat a saucepan or pot on a ceramic heat plate instead of using a flame. The heat plate’s electric current gets transfer through ceramic to the pan’s metal and heats it.

Wireless charging works in the same way. Simply place your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch on top of the wireless charging charger (usually in a disc or small pad) and wait for the electricity to transfer to the battery.

But don’t worry – nobody’s device is getting cooked! Wireless chargers produce far less heat than stoves. While wireless charging may make your phone feel warmer, it shouldn’t be any warmer than it would when you use it for general purposes like calling.