Pain management doctors are specialists who diagnose why a patient is experiencing pain. A pain management doctor will be the one that will provide for pain treatment plans in conjunction with other patient's physicians.

The Anesthesiologist or other pain management physicians such as neurologists and oncologists and Orthopedists and even physiatrists and psychiatrists will negotiate with one another about the patient's pain.

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Even specialists who are categorized as non-physicians such as nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and therapists will be taken in consultation with others in assessing the needs of patients for pain management.

A specialist in the treatment of pain will treat patients outside of procedures and operations for a variety of things. Among them will be arthritis, back pain, cancer pain, migraine headaches, neck pain, nerve pain, and shingles.

One example would be that the pain amputees experience phantom limb pain is often referred to as specialists and medical assistance as well.

A pain specialist will also treat patients suffering from acute pain after a crippling illness, serious injury, or surgery as well. The next time their services are needed is a knee-joint pain after surgery and during recovery after a crash. They also saw a patient who had undergone chest or abdominal surgery or been diagnosed with diseases such as Sickle Cell.

Patients who were hospitalized or through outpatient clinics are recognized by pain management specialists. They will work closely with the patient's physician, including reviewing medical history and records, including x-ray so that they have a full understanding of the situation.