Home care is a form of supportive care provided to patients at home by an insured and bonded healthcare professional. This is quality care that can also be provided by family members, friends, primary caregivers, or volunteers.

The term home nursing refers to the care provided to patients by licensed personnel. It is quality care. You can get professional Home Health Care for seniors in RI.

The Importance of Family in a Senior's Life - Amada Senior Care

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The primary goal of home health care is to allow the person to stay at home rather than receive institutional, long-term, or inpatient medical care.

Health care professionals offer healthcare services to their customers within their own four walls. These services are usually a combination of life support and occupational health services.

Life support services include helping with routine tasks such as washing clothes, cooking, light cleaning, medication reminders, shopping, transportation, ordering, and daily activities (ADL).

ADL refers to the six basic activities in your normal routine which include bathing, dressing, eating, moving, walking, and using the toilet. This reflects the patient's ability to be independent.

Outpatient health services in the workplace include psychological or medical examinations, pain therapy, wound care, physiotherapy, medical training, education and disease management, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

We recognize that people often want to be cared for in a family atmosphere with love, patience, and understanding from friends and family around them.

Elderly care professionals design services that specifically help patients improve and strengthen their ability to care for themselves at home.

Health and well-being undoubtedly begin at home with the understanding that this disease can affect loved ones, as well as with the patient's hopes and aspirations.

It is very important for us to help patients become independent. A wide range of home care services for adults is available for patients undergoing a new illness, surgery, hospitalization, or health diagnosis who require constant changes in their daily lifestyle.