When you receive your new batch seed. After they establish themselves and grow well, take the cuttings of each plant.

This will usually occur during the third or fourth week of vegetative growth. It is important to take the cuttings before the pre-flower appearance.

Clones have the same biological age as their donors so that the cuttings taken from the flowering factory will continue to flower even if they are only a few inches high. You can also opt for clones for sale in San Jose at Mendo Bros.

Taking clones from plants during the vegetative stage they allow you more control over the results.

Clearly label on the cuttings to fit every donor plant. You can keep the cuttings in the same room with donors under 18 hours of light, or whatever lighting regime you like.

After your clone becomes established, you can separate them from donors and start flowering donors by changing lighting up to 12/12 as usual. Remember to keep the cuttings on their vegetative light cycle.

As soon as the man appears, you must immediately delete it, as usual, and remove the appropriate clone. It will no longer be useful for you.

If you use cannabis strains that have a very long flowering period for example, clones may be too big to be managed and want to start flowering.

If this is the problem, just take the clone from the clone and continue this second generation vegat clone.