It is much easier for native English speakers to learn another language that uses the same characters. Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese use the same letters as English for the most part. Most studies show that learning a second language is much easier for someone who can now read, write, and speak their mother tongue. While some children grow up bilingual and speak two languages at home, most children don't have that luxury. You can also avail the benefits of a Mandarin translation company via

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You may need to find a second language at school, with a private tutor, at a language centre or at your local community centre. While Mandarin is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Chinese is definitely one of the most difficult to learn. The process of translating from English to Chinese into Chinese is very difficult for English speaking children.

To do the translation English to Chinese, children need to learn all the new characters. Not only do they learn new sounds, vocabulary, and speech patterns, but they also have to worry about whether their letters are spelled correctly or not. Some children may be better than others when it comes to translating from English to Chinese.

For some, learning a new language is a habit. In fact, some people can become fluent in a new language over several years as long as they have a high degree of exposure to that language.