So you are considering a vacation on the beautiful paradise island with more than a thousand temples, called "the island of the gods". It is fun to watch, but there are some pitfalls for tourists in terms of the type of accommodation they choose.

The villas are a form of accommodation that is routinely accepted by around 16.5% of visitors. You can consider this website for exclusive Paphos-Coral Bay holiday villas to spend your vacation.

The luxury villas around 10,000 of which are scattered on this beautiful island. Staying in a luxury villa is not the first thing that travelers think of, maybe because hoteliers are very good at marketing and spend a lot of money to promote their business.

You might think that the price of a nightly rental for a luxury villa exceeds your vacation budget, but you could be wrong because you might not have all the facts. 

The secret is that by booking a group to stay in a private villa with privacy, tranquility, and extraordinary space, you might save hundreds of dollars that you should have spent on a model vacation hotel.

The thing is, the key to saving your hard-earned vacation money is group bookings at a luxury villa. Most of these impressive houses, usually built by private owners, can accommodate up to eight or more people. This means you can share the nightly rental rates between your groups.