Buying artwork is a personal experience, whether it's a gift or for yourself, every artwork that you have tells a small story about how and where you get it and why you like it. 

Kunst online kaufen (also known as “Buying online art” in the English language) has many benefits: from the comfort of your own home, you can literally buy anything anywhere in the world, whatever your budget is, you will find something for you without spending hours around the shops.

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However, while taking advantage of the benefits of online shopping, it is important to protect yourself.

  • Feedback from other customers, on sites like eBay where this service is provided in a safe, very important way.

  • Check before you make a purchase that payment is safely offered, something like PayPal where no bank details given are the best. Or check whether they offer more than one payment method, as a legitimate business, so you can choose which you feel comfortable with.

  • Before buying, find out how much shipping costs. Sometimes sellers offer you the price of 'bargaining' then filling high shipping costs to get profit. If the cost of the post and packaging is clearly displayed, you can judge yourself if it is appropriate, taking into account the location of the item.

Finally, save all receipts and documents and any tracking information provided. Pay attention to the contact details of the company you buy from if the problem arises.