The Microwave Oven has become an essential part of nearly every home or commercial kitchen. This oven is often under the control of the woman in the home or by chiefs in a commercial kitchen. In case of any damage, you can also contact an expert via

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Below are some microwave maintenance and servicing tips:

1. Make sure your microwave is clean. This goes for all household appliances. The system will deteriorate if dirt, dust, or other contaminants stick to your oven or appliance. Unclean items will eventually cause spots on the metal toaster's surface.

2. The oven's interior walls should be cleaned thoroughly. You can clean any dirt that has dried in the oven's inner walls by placing some water in a cup. Allow boiling for a few minutes. The steam from the stove will expand the interior and loosen the dirt. It can be left in the microwave for five minutes, then dry it.

3. Make sure your toaster is free of odors. Clean the toaster's interior with 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 cup warm water. Dry it off. One part lemon juice to three parts water can be combined in a large glass cup. Let it simmer for about 3-5 minutes, then let it cool. Wipe dry the mixture and drain any remaining water.

4. Follow the manufacturer's "Do's and Don'ts Guide". Only use microwave-safe cookware.

5. When using your oven, be sure to watch it carefully and use the appropriate time for each dish or food you make according to the instructions.