The folding arm awnings are covered with acrylic fabric and thus you can use it in the right way coming up with effective results. So, you can use the outdoor proportion area for maximum time without any difficulties that serve as the most important feature.

You can easily make use of the standard frames in folding arm awnings due to their versatility that makes them the most reliable thing. 

4 Benefits of Installing Folding Arm Awnings - GT Blinds & Awnings Installations Brisbane

Spend a Little More

If you can spend a little more you can get the semi cassette awnings that come up with a larger front rail followed by an integrated hood.

The options that you can get here are motorization and sensors and it comes in standard white in a powder-coated form. So, spending a little more would help you to get the best thing you want to have.

Real-Time Benefits

The Folding Arm Awnings would protect your terrace, balcony, patio, etc. from the scorching heat of the Sun and other harsh weather conditions. These folding arms don't require any types of frames, posts, beams and thus it becomes easier for you to make use of the thing in the right way.


Nowadays, folding arm awnings accompany advanced technologies with smarter approaches that would help you to lead a better standard of living.

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Some people question the benefit of installing blinds in a home, however, they can be used as a tool to reinvent your home. Here are 5 ways to use blinds to reinvent your home including adding style, creating themes, creating rooms, swapping outdoors and creating great outdoor areas. 

Blinds can be used as window dressings. Windows without coverings look bare and make a home feel empty and sterile. Adding blinds can add to the positive look and stylish flair to windows. 

They can also be used to create themes. Some homeowners enjoy creating a theme in each room. These can be coffee or cake in the kitchen, beach in an informal lounge, sailing in a guest room and neutral tones in a dining room. 

If you were looking for more advanced transformations, blinds can be used to create rooms. Blinds can be placed within rooms to create partitions. For example, a large open plan living area can have blinds throughout to create smaller spaces within one room. Alternatively, they can be used to create walk-in wardrobes or changing areas. 

Blinds can also be used to substitute doors. Consider adding blinds instead of doors in strategic areas such as the theatre room. Being able to soundproof and drastically reduce light in your theatre room, resulting in it being a much more pleasant experience. 

Lastly, blinds can be used to create outdoor entertainment areas. These can cordon off areas as well as protect them from weather, meaning outdoor entertaining can take place anywhere and any time. 

Blinds can revitalise and transform your home in 5 ways. These are by adding style, creating themed rooms, creating and partitioning rooms, replacing doors and creating great outdoor areas.