The term “side hustle” has been hijacked by people who took the idea of having a side gig and replaced it with building a business so you can quickly quit your regular 9-to-5 job. But not everyone wants to or can risk ditching the day job. Especially not in today’s economy with the current cost of living.

A side hustle is something you do to earn extra money while you’re working. You do it in addition to whatever your regular gig is, hence the term “side.” But it doesn’t automatically become your main source of income. You can gather more information about side hustles from

Ideal hustles are flexible enough that you can do them when you are available and have time.

But not every side hustle is scalable. Some simply serve the purpose of giving you more money in exchange for a little more of your time. Scalable side hustles are fit for people with an entrepreneurial spirit that aren’t ready or aren’t sure if they want to make it a full-time thing. All of the ones can specifically be started on a part-time basis.

A business that’s scalable means that it can grow into something bigger. That could simply mean creating a solid, steady stream of part-time revenue. Or it could be a full-on business.