Getting rid of the thumb sucking habit isn't easy because it's not only fun for kids, it's also a method of calming down. It is often observed that children continue thumb sucking when they are worried, tired, or simply bored.  You can also buy the best thumb sucking device via

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Parents who are worried or struggling to get their child to give up sometimes find that the child is very resistant. When dealing with such children, we must consider the psychology of thumb sucking. 

Investigating the cause or need behind the habit and solving emotional problems, if any, can make the process easier for both the child and the parent.

However, for most children, a few simple steps at the right time can go a long way in breaking this habit. Once children reach the age of 4, they will be able to think for themselves and understand things around them.

1. Make the child aware of the habit by reminding him every time he starts thumb sucking without feeling guilty or ridiculed.

2. Information about its effects should be provided by parents – this is very important so as not to be exposed or sound like advice from the authorities. Rather, it should look like sharing or discussing information

3. Take your child to the dentist for more information on the effects of thumb sucking to consolidate the data provided by parents.