With the development of modern and better techniques, today's skin treatments for a wide range of skin problems are easier, more effective and more efficient than ever before. Skin therapy is one of the most effective treatments for serious skin conditions.

In general, light therapy at Lake Norman Salt Spa has more medical uses than it does for treating skin conditions. The therapy of skin problems with lights has been a huge success and helped to revitalize the beauty industry. Because simple light emitting devices can beat some of the most severe skin conditions, women today feel more confident and at ease.

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Two powerful medications that use blue light and red treatment to treat skin conditions are leading the charge. The blue light treatment treats acne by killing bacteria that is on the skin's surface. These bacteria are what causes acne to form on your skin. Acne is caused by excess oil, also known as sebum, which can lead to lesions on the skin.

Red light skin therapy on the other hand helps accelerate the healing process and stimulates the production of collagen. It is also known for its outstanding anti-aging properties (and solutions) to pigmentation and lesions caused by sun damage. This therapy can be used in conjunction with the blue light to treat acne, as it accelerates wound healing by stimulating collagen production.

Light therapy is available for skin problems. It consists of the infrared light treatment and the blue light process. These therapies can be combined to combat the effects of acne scarring.