When developing or modifying a product, there are many different things to consider, and especially in regard to risk management companies often do not have the tools and solutions available.

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It needs to manage any potential problems, always keeping in mind the product quality and direct integration with the technological and organizational aspects.

In these moments, the best solution is usually to subcontract parts of the project to a consulting firm with specialized firms and use of software to control risk in business.

These software and firms support services have appropriate choices for each product and process throughout its life cycle through the use of analytical techniques and risk management solutions.

The risk control company also develops the methodology products and process optimization, an optimization process that includes the use of statistical tools based on a modeling system and mapping of business processes. This also includes aspects of quality by design and risk management quality.

Why do start with modeling and mapping system?

Because what you allow a modular vision of a fairly complex process, such as transfer of technology, which is generally regarded as a purely logical product, but should be approached with an integrated approach that begins with business strategies identifies all the parameters and possible critical aspects of the product, technology, and organization.