Car paint and wax are products used to protect your car. There are many different details and car protection measures you can take. All of these products will help you protect the color.

You can use car polish and car wax service at the dealer company and include them as part of your car wash schedule. They help you keep your car in good shape and when used regularly, it will look like new.

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But you don't have time for that. Give us a call, we'll do it for you. Hair removal and polishing are words that are often used interchangeably and incorrectly by weekend warriors who want their car to look like a brand new showroom. Although similar, waxing and polishing serve different purposes.

Car polish removes minor damage to the top layer of your car, such as road cranes, bird mud, and whirlpools that have built up over time. What polishing can't do is make your car shine.

Candles make cars sparkle. In addition, it provides the paint with a protective coating against fading and protects against scratches.

Many weekend fighters find it easy to keep a car clean. Take buckets, sponges, cleaning fluid, used towels from the linen closet and you're good to go.

This cleaning strategy would have been fine if it weren't for dirty buckets, used sponges, dish soap, and used towels. Like anything in life, you need to use the right tools to get the results you want.