A good planning activity starts from the map. There are all types and shapes of maps. In order to get out in the middle of nature, you need to have a tourist map of the area you want to visit. You can also add a public road map to the list if you have to frequently ride on the main road. You can navigate https://www.cyclelifehq.com to know more about the cycling vacations in the world.

The important information you need includes telephone numbers of rescue teams in the area, telephone numbers, and different retirement locations, as well as telephone numbers of transport companies in the area. This information can be written on the back of the map and can actually be saved if something happens.

After you make several phone calls and gather the crew, you need to think about what to eat during your cycling trip. You shouldn't pack too much food, but you also have to pack too little food. You will never succeed in getting what you want to eat, unless you have a very impressive budget.

Therefore, the part with this food can spend a lot of your time, more than the equipment and clothing. Most cyclists take a cycling tour in the summer.

However, the temperature you face automatically excludes many of your food choices, especially those from animals. Here are some things that can contain backpacks when it comes to food.

First of all, you can have instant soup or pasta, tea, salt, pate and all kinds of cans, honey, and salami – preferably, dry salami -, cheese, some fruits and vegetables, sweets and chips and you can also add jam jars peanuts, just in case you run out of food or something.

However, this list can be completed depending on your preferences; all you need to know is that your food should not be too heavy.