You've stumbled upon a beautiful piece of artwork that you have to have. You buy it, you frame it. Now, where on earth are you going to hang it and how?

Effective picture hanging is all about setting the right ambience in a room. But you want to achieve this while still showcasing your favourite pieces to their maximum advantage. You can also buy ‘best wall pictures canvas’ online also known as ‘wandbilder leinwand' in the German language.

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Various factors are crucial to create the biggest visual impact with your artwork collection. Things like alignment, balance, light and the texture or covering of the wall on which you are hanging all need to be taken into consideration.

To help you achieve gallery standard results, you must keep in mind three things:

1. Whether the mood of the picture sits well with the existing décor of the room.

2. The location or placement of the picture

3. What method you will use for hanging.

Firstly, consider the overall appeal of the room. Does the size, colour, shape and overall appearance of your picture or collection compliment the furniture, wall colour and overall décor of the room? If the picture does not sit comfortably with the overall mood of the room, then no matter how perfect your picture hanging skills are, the piece will not leave a lasting impression.

If you decide that your artwork blends well with the rest of the room, the second thing you need to consider is what would be the most appropriate placement of the picture (or pictures) on your wall.

One way to approach this is to create a map on a sheet of paper first, of how you would like to arrange the pictures on the wall. Also, when doing this, it is important to take care not to overcrowd the wall.

If you don't think a sketch will enough, it's not a bad idea to seek an extra set of hands that could hold the picture for you at the desired place on the wall to allow you to stand back and judge for yourself if you are happy with the alignment and symmetry of the picture before actually hanging it.

Lighting is also an important factor to be considered. Make sure that glares are not created from lighting sources, and that pictures are visible from all required angles.

The last thing for consideration is how you plan to physically hang the picture on the wall. There are several techniques and many different hanging systems available on the market today.

Some are non-forgiving if you need to move your picture, like nails for example and inevitably there is never a firm backing in the wall in the exact location you want to hang the picture anyway.

One of the most versatile and stylish ways of hanging your collection these days is with a picture hanging system. These systems allow for smooth, minute alterations to both the horizontal and vertical plane of the picture without causing any damage to the wall.