Permanent makeup eyebrow is getting a lot of attention these days, it is a procedure that is similar to the tattoos that shape, define and fill gaps in the eyebrows. It is a relatively simple procedure that is very effective.

Used since the 1930s when vegetable dyes injected under the skin to give the skin a luminous, permanent makeup today has become more sophisticated and offer amazing results. if you are also tired of using eyebrow pencils then you can get permanent makeup brow done from licensed and certified cosmetic tattoo artist. You can also find a professional cosmetic artist through their sites such as

Why get a tattoo eyebrows?

Since the eyebrows is a typical aspect of the face, they can change the appearance considerably. For people who suffer from hair loss, probably due to Alopecia, or other medical conditions or simply over-pull their eyebrows, permanent makeup eyebrow providing them with the freedom to determine the features without applying makeup everyday.

Permanent makeup is pretty safe, but it is important to know that the person doing the procedure has a good track record.

How does it work?

Professionals should take the time to thoroughly explain the process and aftercare. Treatment usually lasts for 30 minutes and covers a total brow makeover. Although most people reported no pain worse than pull their eyebrows, some practitioners use a soothing cream or local anesthetic. This reduces the discomfort that can be present during the treatment.

After choosing the correct color and shape, the pigment is injected under the skin, using a fine needle. It is equipped with a smooth stroke that looks like the natural appearance of the eyebrows. It is possible to experience some redness and swelling at the treatment.