The perfect vegan diet for weight loss consists of a balanced combination of foods with vegetables, fruits, and nuts (or other sources of "good fats" that will help you with energy and satiety). Tired of vegan weight loss diets that encourage heavy use of bread and pasta. While they may fall under the definition of a "vegetarian diet," they don't usually promote weight loss, but this type of vegan weight loss diet can prevent weight loss while increasing fat percentage. You can also get more info about vegan weight loss diet plans at

High glycemic carbohydrates such as white bread and refined sugar should also be avoided. They can stimulate insulin attacks and make people consume 60-70% more calories in their next meal. Again, they may fall under the vegetarian umbrella, but they are far from a true vegan diet for weight loss.

A vegan diet for weight loss should ideally consist of plenty of vegetables, moderate to minimal fruits and a moderate to minimal vegetarian diet that contains healthy fats such as nuts, avocado or some oils such as flaxseed. The moderate to minimal recommendation depends on how a person personally reacts to fructose and healthy fats. Some people are more likely to lose weight on a vegan diet if they reduce their consumption of fruit by replacing it with more vegetables.

If you include whole grains and complex carbohydrates again, start with moderate to minimal amounts and rate the progress of the vegan diet for weight loss, always making sure that you don't overeat with these foods.