Today you can enjoy frozen milk treats in almost all parts of the world. Although not the same, ice cream in America is not the same as ice cream in Italy and kulfi in India. What is the most popular form of this delicious dessert and what makes it different?

1. Ice Cream – To be labeled as ice cream in the United States, a product must have 10% milk fat and more than 20% milk solids. This is a relatively high-fat content and gives the American delicacy its traditional creamy texture. There are usually two types, the Philadelphia style, and the French style, the latter of which is made with a cream base while the former does not contain eggs.

2. Gelato – Traditionally made by hand in Italy, has only 7-8% fat, which is less than what is required by law in some countries. It usually contains more eggs. You can also make gelato at home. For this, you need to buy commercial gelato machines.

Commercial Gelato Machines

3. Sorbet and granite – They are almost identical products containing little or no milk; this is often a fruit puree mixed with ice. His will is less subtle and often has a very strong sense. It was the predecessor to ice cream and is still very popular.

4. Semifreddo or Frozen Cream – It is a smooth, very creamy, and richer alternative. This is not a mass product and is only available at the point of production. It has a high egg content.

These are some of the different types of ice creams.