One child toys that are often accepted just like the board game. Played with a space marked earlier on the table or soil, often using pre-artificial boards, each game has certain ingredients needed to play. There are almost countless number of board games, and the theme or purpose of each who often vary, but do you know what board games have ancient history?

The oldest board game was found 3500 BC in Egyptian civilization and Jiroft. One Egyptian Board game, Senet, which can be the oldest game in the world is said to have a significance of religion, and is buried in addition to the dead because it is believed to be one of the tools needed in the hereafter. Senet winners are said to be blessed by the gods. Even though their religious or superstition connections, this board game seems to have been used the same as today. They are used for recreational purposes between friends and family members. You can get fun video games for sale to Buy Gaming Earphones & Accessories Online.

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Throughout the study of civilization and ancient culture, more and more board games were found. Backgammon, for example, is an ancient board game. Several sets of backgammon found in a burning city in Iran and is around 3000 BC. The initial form of chess was found in India around 500 BC, even though it was initially running with a different name. Board games like this are made to sharpen the mind or develop art strategy.

More and more board games are played, the more types are found, the more popular they are. This is one of the toys brought from the ancient world into our modern. Because it is toy children and adults can play with, it creates a way to play together between all family members. The game board became an ordinary household object that even made the film involved, namely Jumanji and Zhowura.