Granite countertops have become one of the most popular kitchen trends of the 21st century, also due to the fact that their beauty and strength will last a lifetime. Granite is a great addition to any kitchen, adding color and depth. The cost of installing granite countertops can be a little expensive, but this investment will add to the overall value of your home and add timeless beauty.

Prestigious granite countertops require branching of between $ 60 and $ 120 per square foot. At this price, several suppliers can also install granite countertops in Austin at no additional cost. You can also find granite countertops for around $ 30 per square foot, but that doesn't include installation. Premium granite prices have more to do with installation and shipping costs than the quality of the actual stone.

granite installation

Due to the unregulated nature of the granite industry, both quarries and suppliers set their own pricing system. Prices are also determined by demand. When installing granite surfaces, your dealer may charge more than 50% of the base price for the installation.

Granite countertop suppliers categorize the products they offer into four levels. The first is the most expensive because it is the best quality of granite. The stones are grouped based on several factors, including:

• Country of Origin – This plays a large role in the price of the product as shipping and customs charges add to the final cost

• Color – Depending on the popularity of colors, the product price is more or less

• Model – Suppliers also use this to determine costs

• Thickness of panels – thicker panels are more expensive

• Fashion trends – this can also happen

These are just some of the areas in which the vendor determines the price of your desktop.

Granite classified at a lower level does not mean the product is of lower quality. In fact, the product looks exactly like the product classified on the first level. You may even find that a lower-tier stone is tougher than a higher tier stone. Shopping is the best way to find quality. Commercial granite is the same as lower grade granite.