Are you thinking of putting a swimming pool right in your backyard? A pool is a fun addition to the backyard. You desire some of your neighbors who have put up their own pool but you do not wish to see as a copycat. But you have no idea of any swimming pool designs.

There's one suggestion. Just logon to the web and search for swimming pool designs and you will be thrilled with many ideas there. There are a plethora of design options that can offer style to your backyard. Take your time to consider the type of pool you are going to invest in. You can also hire the best pool builder in Orange County via

Here are some of the pool designs that you may want to study before embarking on your project;

1. There 2 pool types to choose from;

  1. In-Ground Pools which are the most popular and most common style for private homes. This is the pool is built right into the ground and will be a permanent feature of your home.
  2. Above-ground pools however are the most convenient style to be built. These pools are not permanent as they sit on the ground of your backyard. As the pool is not built into the ground, it is easily transferable when you move home.

2. Shapes come in many forms and sizes such as;

  1. Geometric shapes whereby the most common are the rectangular and oval ones. These are more affordable for their simplicity in design and construction.
  2. Curvy shapes are mainly designed for in-ground pools which add a dramatic look to the pool. The most common is the kidney-shaped pool that comes with only a subtle curve.