The financial year-end is June 30, and most Australians have to file tax returns, which includes details of all of their income for the last financial year.

Tax accountant can help you with your tax return, or you can pay an accountant to handle the whole thing for you. You can also appoint a tax agent in Chatswood to avail various taxation services.

When doing your tax return, if you are preparing your information for your accountant, there are some documents that are needed.


Ensure that through your financial year you have all of your receipts. Depending on what you do for a living there are many things that you can claim your tax.  

For example, if you use your vehicle with your work then you will be able to claim things like gasoline, travel expenses, repairs, and maintenance.


If you work from home you may find you can claim some of your household bills, such as electricity and gas. You also may be able to claim a portion of their rent or mortgage.

Tax Documents

The document you will need is your group certificate and depending on whether you are running your own business, you may have a document such as Pay as you go payment summaries (PAYG).

Tax offset

You may be capable of claiming other deductions from things like your partner’s income, every rebate-able retirement annuity or pension amounts.

You can also hire a professional tax agent to help you out in doing your business tax or even individual tax returns.