Repair specialists today do not work only in their shops. On-site servicing has become commonplace, meaning that in several cases, you'll need to find a secure and safe way to carry tools from one site to another.

First and foremost to have a rigid shell wheeled toolbox is a must for any technician who carries their tools in any yard. My case tool weighs over thirty pounds to travel any sort of distance because of the number of tools that I need to have on hand.

hard tool cases with wheels

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There is no turning back and returning to the store to pick the tool that you forgot to bring with you. Without a set of wheels, my arm and back would be more likely used before I arrived at work.

Having a robust rigid case to protect your tools and test equipment is a must, especially when traveling through airports. Airlines and airport security will not allow you to wear your tools on the plane as hand luggage, so you have no choice but to leave with your luggage.

Of course, when traveling through airports you want your case tool to be locked, not just with a lock. Locks today must be TSA approved. Any other type of lock that can not be opened by airport security will be cut off.

So to be sure that your tools and test equipment remain safe while they are out of hand, you must make sure you buy a case that accepts TSA approved locks.