These LED strip lights are extremely popular. There are many IP values available, including IP20 to IP68 for both interior and exterior purposes. Also, underwater installations are very popular. It is versatile and easy to set up.

How effective are LED strip lights?

This light is shaped like a long ribbon. It’s also known as LED Ribbon. Its unique feature allows it to be bent easily (according to the model’s bend angle), making it easy to install in tight spaces. It is easy to bend to fit the space structure. You can find LED strip lights almost everywhere. Especially in department stores and other service areas

When buying LED strip lights, it is important to consider what the intended area will look like. To ensure that the LED strip lights are appropriate for the job, it is important to consider the following: Dust can accumulate on steps, stairwells, and ceilings. This is because the area is exposed to rain or sunlight. An installation area close to a water source, or underwater.

LED strip lights are dust and water-resistant

IP20 is suitable for indoor use, however, it does not have a waterproof feature. IP65 can be exposed and can be cleaned but cannot be immersed in water. IP67 and IP68 are water-resistant. To prevent water from getting in, be cautious around the connection point.