1300 number is a remarkable tool for businesses in Australia. Not only are they free phone calls from the telephone line to your customers, but they provide tremendous flexibility to grow your business. To make your 1300 number truly work for your business it should spell out a word that is associated with your business such as your brand name of the key products you sell.

It's called the phone word, or vanity numbers if you are coming from the United States. In this article I will go through the main benefits of the 1300 number and why you should get one for your business. Some of the main benefits of the 1300 number over traditional phone lines is that they are mobile and can easily move with your business.

They can also easily manage the routing of calls so they are great for mobile business and a business with a fleet. 1300 numbers are not cost prohibitive as 13 points with a low monthly fee and low call charges depending on your 1300 number providers in Australia

How to choose the right 1300 number

There are many ways to choose the number 1300. You can only take the amount offered by the provider, or you can take the next step, which is very popular in the early 90's and get a 1300 with repetitive catchy numbers like 1300 13 13 13.

This is all well and good when you're listening to the jingle, but when you really need to remember the number it is still very difficult. The next step is to get a number that describes your brand on the alpha numeric keypad as 1300 AUSTRALIA.