The process of waterproofing of the house is a solid investment. A reasonable expense can now avoid the devastating expenses and losses in the upcoming times. However, like any industry, it must first ensure that you have obtained a reputable contractor. 

There are a number of companies in the sector that are more populated with vendors that qualified waterproofing professionals. Hop over this website (also called Hop sur ce site in the French language) to find out one of them according to your needs.

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When searching for a company to schedule a consultation, there are some red signs to look for. First, if the person on the phone will not assign consultation makers if adults are present, you speak with a company interested primarily in making the sale. A reputable company would not ask that. 

Second, consultation and inspection should take less than an hour. However, organizations focused on sales will ask you to set aside two hours or more. In fact, they work in time to overcome your objections and reach an agreement before you can get another estimate of a competitor.

Before calling service providers, it is advisable to contact the Better Business Bureau and research each company you are considering. Take references from friends or family can be extremely valuable. Call two or three companies for a consultation to ensure that you get the best price and only sealing services you need.

Upon inspection, be prepared with relevant issues as recommended sealing services. For example, if they recommend sealing the walls of the basement, make sure whether they intend to repair cracks in the foundation first. If they recommend the outdoor repair, be sure to ask what kind of excavation plan they follow. 

Finally, ask about their guarantee. A reputable company should offer a guarantee without water that means you should find any water leaks in the foundation for some reason. This guarantee must be empty of service fees and exceptions.