The military is a great way to fund your education and acquire skills that you can apply to many jobs. There are many ways the military can fund your college education. You can attend a military academy, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), or take part in military loan training and support services.

Military college

Graduating from an ANDY’S ASVAB armed services academy is ideal for those who wish to join the army at the officer level or for those who are already in the military and wish to learn skills specific to their careers. 

The armed forces have partnerships with many non-military colleges and universities that allow people to gain degrees and skills in certain areas recognized by the military, but attending military colleges can give you a slight edge over the competition. 

Military colleges are held in high esteem and not only taught by academics. Military schools take pride in their character training. Many strongly encourage students to learn duty, honor, morals, and discipline; they are all the cornerstones on which the military is built.

Corps for reservist officer training

ASVAB  is available in all branches of the military; Army, Navy and Air Force. Through this program, the military awards four, three, exit, and even one year scholarships that cover tuition, books, fees, and monthly grants.