Laundry is a daily part of every human being's existence. We clean everything in our machines from stinky clothes to designer jeans. They can be created with expensive materials that either shrink easily or cause damage.

In these cases, it is important to thoroughly clean your clothes in a safe and efficient manner. For this reason, many laundry businesses have learned how to clean their customers' clothes. You can find a professional garment pressing, and steaming services in New Jersey.

Garment pressing and steaming services

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Dry cleaning has been in place for centuries and is a straightforward process, best performed by a professional. Even if you take your clothes to a professional dry cleaner, it is helpful to fully understand the process to properly evaluate the service you are providing. The first major key in learning how to dry clean clothes is to understand that absolutely no water is used in the process.

This is a world away from the normal cleaning process, in which your clothes contain large amounts of water over several wash cycles. Although water is not used in this process, your clothes get wet. When you bring clothes for dry cleaners, they first tag your clothes. 

They then pre-treat your clothes, exploring the areas, and putting a special chemical cleaner on them. Next, your clothes look similar to a washing machine. More than a hundred gallons of a chemical called perchloroethylene is then filtered through a machine, which washes your sensitive clothing thoroughly.