If you are reading this article, you will definitely be interested in making soft ice cream at home. 

As you can imagine, this is a little more annoying than making the usual ice cream. You can also buy the best soft serve granulate to make healthy soft-serve ice cream at home.

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If you have a dedicated machine, it can be very easy to make soft-serve ice cream. But if not, be prepared to work even longer hours – it will still be a fun activity, and you will love the results!

Find the right recipe and item

First, it's good to have a recipe. Some ingredients contribute to a smoother texture than others. So first look at the recipes on the Internet.

Another technique you can use is to choose a substance that will not freeze. Examples are sugar, alcohol, and fat. Adding alcohol of any kind to your frozen dessert mix not only adds to scurvy and special bumps but can even create a silky, creamy texture. 

You should know these steps if you are not using an ice maker to make soft-serve ice cream.

Use high-fat milk and egg yolks for a softer result. Did you know that fat prevents the ice from hardening? Now you have a good reason to use whole milk instead of low fat or skim milk like we are used to. Whole milk produces a softer texture.

Combine all the ingredients in your recipe and place them in a large bowl. Take this bowl and place it in a larger bowl filled with iced water. 

Wait for the mixture to cool. Once the combo has cooled, pour it directly into the baking sheet and store it in the freezer.