There are various diseases that plague the world of horses. We need to be careful while choosing horse vaccinations as it can cause some serious diseases if not injected properly. 

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It will definitely reduce the effects of the disease in your horse. It is imperative that horses are vaccinated regularly, even if they are not going to leave the meadow.

Influenza and Rhinopneumonitis

These are two hard respiratory diseases similar to human flu, symptoms and all. Depending on how often you travel with your horse, your veterinarian may recommend that you have your horse vaccinated every 3 months or at least every 6 months if they are not exposed to a lot of other horses.


Tetanus is a bacterial disease that is contracted through open wounds. Anytime your horse seriously punctures or lacerates itself, you must make sure your horse is up to date on their tetanus boosters. 

This bacterial disease can wreak havoc on your horse's nervous system and cause brain damage. The prognosis is usually not good for horses who contract tetanus so you want to do your best to prevent it. 

Symptoms of extreme sensitivity to touch and muscle spasms in the neck and jaw. Veterinarians recommend that horses be vaccinated at least once a year.