The christening of a child can be a very special moment in their lives. This is their first introduction to Christ and God is godparents will be appointed to oversee the spiritual growth of children themselves. Christening gifts are always appropriate in such an event. Let us consider some of the popular choices.

Of course, the Bible is or will make an excellent gift, especially if you have a baptism date written on it. A Bible can be personalized in a variety of different ways to make it even more special. You can present blessed water as a gift to anyone.

Another good option would be to get crucifix or rosary. What you get will depend on whether the child is introduced to the Protestant or Catholic.

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Regardless, however, of religious symbols could also make an excellent gift that the child can wear as they get older not only to represent their religion but also to protect them as well.

A religious medal is another option. It can be made of high-quality jewelry and usually will be decorated with saints and angels, generally with a small prayer written for the metal to act as protection for the wear.

Porcelain figurines also a very good idea and it will be appreciated for a long time to come. The sculptures can come in the form of angels, saints, baby Jesus, and many other religious figures.

Buying a ceramic bank for children is also a good idea. It can be personalized by adding to the spiritual birth date and the name of their children.