Microsoft recently changed its certification policy, but you don't need to renew the certificate right away. There are many employers who are happy to hire someone with an MCITP or MCTS certificate. 

Especially if they have experience and can demonstrate that they are up to date with innovations related to their type of work. If you are looking for Microsoft certification to get the best job, pop over to these guys.

New MCSE certifications available Azure and beyond

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Even so, it's a good idea to have a new, updated certificate that represents Microsoft's new system and technology releases. While obtaining a new certificate can take time and money, it is well worth the effort. 

In addition, skills acquired in previous Microsoft programs are seen as something and can be aligned with the training requirements for new types of accreditation. The need to renew certificates today becomes even more pressing when companies use the latest versions of Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft's new certification system worries some people who are considering or have taken Microsoft training. While the changes are not small or minor, they are mostly beneficial and, in the long run, will help adequately reflect the level of education and experience a person has in any IT field. 

Anyone currently training Microsoft on one of the newer technologies will now be using the new program so you don't have to worry. At the same time, those with old certificates can continue to use their old certificates without problems, although the possibility of changing to a newer certification is certainly a good idea.