Knowing where your service fees are coming from is a huge incentive for customers when it comes to hiring a catering company. While pricing systems don't make one company cheaper than another, some pricing systems can make it more convenient for customers who want to understand how their final invoice is generated. You can now hire professionals to get the best catering & private events organizing services. 

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The top pricing systems used by restaurant owners:-

Staged – Staged pricing is popular for its effectiveness, but can sometimes lead to confusion about what is and isn't. With this pricing model, customers choose the level of catering depending on the number of guests. It's like a preset package that has the kind of service and food they want. 

Fixed – Like restaurant menus, many restaurants use fixed price menus. This is a simple and clear pricing method that provides accurate descriptions of parts and special prices that don't change based on size, scope or personal preference. This pricing model is often used for restaurants with catering departments as well as independent catering companies. Customers love this model because it is easy to understand and feels honest.

Bespoke – Bespoke pricing is unusual as it usually involves negotiation between clients/companies but is sometimes used in restaurants, especially for weddings. With this scoring model, the customer and the coordinator sit down together and develop a personalized menu based on the number of guests, food preferences and service requested. During the meeting, the food coordinator and the customer discuss the best price for everything.