It will not be an exaggeration to say that there is a direct relationship between a country's economic development and the prosperity of its citizens. A sustained meal plays an important role in the performance of a systematic human body.

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Low-income countries failed to take action on food safety that leads to the increase of food safety risks in manufacturing facilities. As a result, people in developing countries are increasingly finding food-borne illnesses and exposed to potential security risks. 

Food safety is the primary concern in developing countries as a food system in these countries is not properly organized and developed. Ensuring the security of food at the national level is certainly not possible in these countries because of the lack of economic support, technical and social. One of the main resources is agriculture, derived from food sources.

Agricultural intensification can help these countries to reap the benefits of globalization but the food produced in these countries must meet international standards. To ensure that their foodie eats in consumption and safe, we must take the initiative at the local level itself. 

To ensure the safety of food items manufactured, manufacturing facilities can obtain food samples examined in the laboratory testing of food. This will ensure that the food produced in these countries is nutritious and safe, and also meet food quality standards.

Experts working in the laboratory to check and analyze samples of food and then generate a report on the quality of the food is reliable.