Finding a daycare that is good for your dog

There are several ways you can find a doggy daycare in your area. Check your phone book under listings such as "dog daycare," "kennels," and "boarding." Some boarding kennels offer daycare and they will advertise their service under their kennel listing.

You can also ask other pet professionals such as veterinarians and pet groomers. They tend to know of several daycares that cater to dogs in your area. Ask at pet stores and check your local bulletin boards for ads. Some of the bigger pet store chains even offer boarding & daycare services.

Finally, you can go online and see if there is any advertised in your area. Your odds of finding doggy daycares advertised online are probably best if you live in a larger urban area, but some places advertise in suburban and rural areas, too.

Check the place

Not all daycares are the same and you sometimes hear about places like that do not take care of dogs. Before you trust your dog to one of these places, ask around about the place you intend to use. Visit the place in person. Talk to other clients. Make sure that the place where you intend to leave your dog for hours each day will take good care of him.

Once you find the doggy daycare

Once you start taking your dog to daycare, pay attention to how your dog likes the place. Was he happy to go there every day? Does he seem to like the people there? Does he get along well with the other dogs? Once again, an unannounced visit occasionally is a good idea to see how your dog is being treated.