The first step to making your Facebook Chatbot successful is building the foundation by adding all the features you want it to have. After you have made this important initial step, you then need to choose the target audience that will be utilizing your bot. This is critical because if you select the wrong audience the bot could waste your time or even worse, come across as annoying to the users of Facebook Messenger.

Before you start telling them a joke make sure they understand your bot is for the right message. You want to build a Facebook Chatbot that is going to send the right message to its target audience. Remember you are not trying to sell your bot to the wrong audience so dont be too pushy!

Facebook Messenger Bots is something that Facebook has been trying to get out there for a while now. There are tons of companies that have been using Messenger Bots for years now and not a single one has had any trouble. It is time for Facebook to get in on the action and create a good Messenger Bot that will be popular with its users.

Next you need to add those exciting features to your Messenger Bot that will entice people to open the box up and give it some real life information. I know you might think that this may be hard to do but believe me when I say that the right company is out there for you. My next tip is you need to start by building a product that makes sense to your target audience. For example if you are trying to appeal to a younger crowd then use tools that are age appropriate.

What I mean by this is you should be sure to select someone who knows their stuff when it comes to social media manager. The best ones to follow are Freshpulse and HubSpot. If you are running out of ideas for Messenger Bot benefits then I have some great news for you; there are plenty of free resources on the Internet to help you. Start getting in touch with all of the businesses on Facebook that have things people are interested in. Once you have found a list of businesses go through and find out what they are offering their customers. You can use this information to begin building a brand around a Messenger Bot that features their main products.

Once you have your list of products and business information in place and you have decided which ones you are going to feature in your bot then it is time to pick out the message you want to send to your bot. For example if you are trying to attract the young crowd then you can add up a picture of a cool cityscape. If you are trying to lure the college crowd then you can add a picture of their favorite college mascot.

You will need to build a Facebook Chatbot that looks slick and is enticing to their target audience. You can easily do this by adding a sleek looking appearance that includes pop up ads and other visual advertisements. After you have built a Facebook Chatbot that looks impressive, you can focus on creating a brand in a way that they can relate to.

Another great feature you can add to your bot is one that allows them to chat with you in the same conversation app they use every day. You can do this by using Facebooks new app. With this app people can chat directly with you without having to switch apps.

Lastly you want to include a Facebook Chatbot that gives its users access to your bot when they sign up. It is important that the user has access to this because you dont want them getting frustrated and closing out of the chat in frustration. To achieve this you need to allow for autologin.

Autologin allows you to gain instant access to the chatbot whenever someone logs into the Messenger app and joins the chat session you have created. You can use this for a couple of different things. If you are having trouble catching a chatters attention or if they are leaving the chat then this feature can be used to capture their attention.

These are just a few tips on how to create a Facebook Chatbot that will get the job done. if you need any help on developing your own Facebook Chatbot then you can download the source code from my GitHub profile below.