One of the simplest ways to create a unique and attractive garden edging is by using bricks. Also, the effect can be quite dramatic and effective. You can buy the best garden edging products via

All you need to do is stack the bricks end to end or in a straight line to create the edging. However, you can experiment and come up with different ways of using the bricks, like placing them diagonally so that they lean against one another.

If you do not want to use bricks, then use old tiles. Tiles are easily available for re-cyclers for an affordable price. Take a wood board and stick the tiles to the board with the help of outdoor glue.

Then fix a peg to one end of the board and that would end that would be in the soil. The pegs help to keep the boards upright and also prevent them from sinking into the soil. Make sure that the wooden boards are short in length.

Another option for making an attractive garden edging is using rocks. Of course, the rocks have to reasonable in size so that you can carry them without straining or getting a hernia! If you cannot find rocks in your neighborhood, visit your local garden supplier and purchase them.

If you are not into inanimate objects, then use plants and hedging to create garden edging. You can use flowering shrubs to create a beautiful and eye-catching border around the plants. Or, you can go for green plants to make the edging.